Regina was born in 1900 or 1899 in Sadagora, and in 1921 married Filip Hoenigsberg.



She had three children with Filip:

  • Carl (b 1920, killed in 1943 )
  • Henriette (b 1924)
  • Fritzi (b 1926, killed in 1943)

According to Yad Vashem, Carl was the son of Filip and Regina, born a year before they married. Regina and her family were deported to Transnistria, along with most of the Jewish population of Cernauti, and she died in Bershad, Vinnitsa, Ukraine in 1942, of persecution-related disease. Her son Carl and daughter Fritzi were both killed in 1943. Fritzi was 16 and Carl 23.

Bershad was occupied by the Germans and Romanians on July 29, 1941, and included in Transnistria on September 1. A ghetto was established in the town and 25,000 Jews deported from Bessarabia and Bukovina were sent there. Many died of hunger and disease as up to 25 people were packed into a room. The Einsatzgruppe killing squads were active, and starvation and death by disease were very common. By August 1942, 10,000 Jews remained.

  • Eyewitness account of the mass murders in the area is here.
  • Josef Lowy memoir on life in the Bershad Ghetto from History of the Jews in the Bukovina

Filip Hoenigsberg (husband)

Prior to WW2 Filip lived in Cernauti, Romania, and married Regina Blei in 1921. During the war he was deported to Transnistria, Ukraine and lived in Bershad Ghetto. (information from Yad Vashem, based on a list of persecuted persons found in receipts for money sent by Jews from Romania to Jews who were deported to Transnistria, 1943.) Filip was deported to Bershad in May 1943.  His date of death is unknown, but a nephew in Israel maintains that he emigrated there.

Carl Honigsberg (son)

Carl was born in 1920 in Cernauti, and he was killed in Bershad, Vinnitsa in 1943.

Henriette “Henya” Honigsberg (daughter)

Henriette “Henya” may be living.

 Friederike “Fritzi” Honigsberg (daughter)

Fritzi Hoenigsberg was born in Czernowitz, Romania in 1927 to Filip and Regina. She was a pupil and a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Czernowitz, Romania. She was killed at age 16, in Bershad Ghetto, Ukraine, in 1943.